GradePixel is a team of dedicated photographers formed with their passion in capturing beautiful moments as keepsakes.

Founded by Sylvester Lim (Lead Photographer) in 2013, GradePixel Pte. Ltd. specialises in commercial photography such as print advertising and e-commerce. It has also provided well-curated photography services to consumers in a variety of industries. The company has grown single-handedly from a young man to now a team of 8 passionate individuals (both locally and overseas). Its notable accounts are Levi Strauss & Co. and L'Oreal Group (L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Garnier) with both accounts having images sold to the Asia-Pacific region, ASICS + Onitsuka Tiger (Southeast Asia accounts) and Braun Büffel, as well as Scoot for aviation category.

GradePixel's range of services and coverages have also grown steadily locally and internationally, with 6 years in the running, to match the needs of consumers in various markets. It began with only product and interior photography, but now spans an array of food and beverages, fashion, portraits, videography and also styling (food and fashion) to name a few.

To find out more, do contact us at +65 8198 0920 or email us at



Lead Photographer / Director

Back in his schooling days in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Sylvester has already been pursuing his passion in photography by working with paid campaigns and was also shooting for his battalion during his army days.

After serving the nation, he joined Charles & Keith as their in-house photographer to gain more knowledges and experiences in the photography industry. Being in the industry for a year or so, Sylvester took his hobby further and decided to start out as a freelance photographer for events and weddings. Being a people person as he is, he felt that this was the basic platform where he can build his portfolio while at the same time, enjoy exchanging life experiences with others.

Shortly after gaining better skillsets in the photography world, he decided to venture out on his own and started his own business in 2013 - GradePixel; now a photography studio consisting of a team of his own. Given Sylvester’s wide array of expertise in all Photography and Videography, he also specialises in Product, Food & Beverages, Portraits and Interior.

On times where he is not busy shooting print campaigns, Sylvester can be seen travelling around the world with his cameras and equipment at hand as he is also an avid traveller. He enjoys shooting landscapes when he is on the other side of the world with his life companion, and is always on the lookout for scenic places to frame the composition, be it a photograph or a video (see more of his aerial and travel shots on Instagram @limsylvester).

As a photographer and founder of GradePixel, Sylvester sets a high bar for himself in perfecting his work and delivers professionally curated images for his clients. He is always seeking opportunities to learn and improve himself in all forms of photography and videography such as editing and film making, as he believes one can never stop learning new things in life and he will always be better than yesterday.

Jeanice Studio Portrait.jpg


Account Director

Even though she is the only team member without any form of art background, Jeanice is no doubt the pillar of support and enforcer of GradePixel.

With her undeniable business and language skill sets, after graduating from Singapore Institution of Management - RMIT University, she ensures every single aspect in the company meets up or even exceeding clients’ expectations - from adhering timelines to handling photoshoots and managing financial advices.

Being the mover and shaker of the company, along with her former days of being a flight attendant in Singapore Airlines, Jeanice is a detailed perfectionist especially when it comes to managing schedules and ensuring quality in the work GradePixel team produces. With her having an eagle eye on spotting important details that others might miss out, this is one key asset that a company would yearn for.

Her captures might not be one of a photographer, but she is definitely one of a traveller - knowing from her past career. As Sylvester is her life partner, most of her travel images on her Instagram were shot by him (view her travelogue here @hellojean).



Photographer/ Digital Imaging Artist

Weibin has been a part of GradePixel for more than 2 years now and has contributed widely to the company with his photography skillsets and specialty in shoot interiors and corporate events. He has a good eye in spotting interesting concepts too, and his ability to enhance images with his editing skills are worth admiring for.

Weibin also enjoys exploring new places in Singapore to gain inspirations for his street photography (see more of his works on Instagram @x_w_b) and is always intrigued by night lights and skyline views.

With his forte in street photography, Weibin also specialises in Interior, Events and Architecture and can be recognised as an upcoming young photographer in the making.

Guang Yi Passport.jpg


Photographer/ Motion Graphics Designer

With his background in motion graphics where he has gained from his days in school, Guang Yi has done several projects (E.g. Instagram story post) for a few of our retainer accounts, L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline, where he had worked single-handedly on.

Not only that, he has a unique skill set from the rest of the team and that is, digital illustration (see his creative works on Instagram where he brings emotions into these characters, making them come alive.

Intrigued by what a seasoned photographer can achieve, Guang Yi is determined to hone his skills in this aspect and with his strength in Product photography, he will be an aspiring all rounder photographer in no time to come.